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Update : July 03, 2022

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Benefits of ChiroWrite EHR Software

ChiroWrite is designed for use on touch screen devices such as tablets and touch screen monitors.  While a touch screen or Tablet PC is not necessary to use ChiroWrite, their presence will enhance the overall usage of the EHR system.

ChiroWrite has been designed to be HIPAA compliant.  System logging and passwords help ensure HIPAA compliancy.

Our software consists of the medical questionnaires and forms that a chiropractor routinely uses to conduct a physical examination.  Using a lightweight Tablet PC or a touch screen monitor, the chiropractor will be able to conduct the physical examination of a patient while completing the forms relating to the areas of the patient's examination.

An easy to use interface utilizing efficient screen layout, flow and navigation boxes will ensure that the time consuming task of writing that the doctor has to do, is greatly reduced.  Once the physical examination is complete, the doctor can immediately display a preview of the desired report on the screen and make any changes necessary before final printing.  All reports are stored for future retrieval and patient tracking.

The software is built using powerful leading edge tools such as Microsoft Visual Studio and the .NET Framework.  All data is stored within Microsoft's industry standard database called Microsoft SQLServer.  Using these products to build ChiroWrite ensures that it will be a modern system for years to come.

ChiroWrite Feature Highlights

       WorxFlow™ Engine        WorxPhrase™ Engine
       Copy Prior Visit Information for rapid data entry        Easy to use interface
       Link to/include images        Use your own graphics in our workflow
       Customizable Reports        Customizable Report Templates
       Reports Generated in Microsoft Word        Interfaces with billing systems
       Customizable CPT/ICD Codes        Customizable Diagnostic Codes
       Capture Handwritten notes        Built to use the latest operating systems

 Click here to see details on these and other features.

Installation Options

ChiroWrite is installed in the following configurations:

Stand Alone - The system is installed on a single Tablet PC or desktop. Other computers in the office do not have access to the system or the data.

Networked Single Doctor - The system is installed in a network environment. All computers in the office can have the system installed and employees granted access to the system as necessary.

Networked Multi Doctor - Same as Networked Single Doctor except that there are multiple doctors in the same office with access to the system.

Multiple Locations - Multiple locations are supported for either a single doctor or multiple doctors over an existing WAN (wide area network). We believe that our software will revolutionize the way Chiropractors assimilate data today to generate the necessary documents and reports to satisfy requirements.  Contact us for more information today.