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Update : September 28, 2022

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ChiroWrite Outsourced Billing Suite

The outsourced billing suite was designed for chiropractic offices that have decided that inhouse insurance billing is not for them.  They still accept insurance patients, however all insurance processing is done offsite by an expert billing company.

The ChiroWrite outsourced billing suite includes:

  • Scheduling - schedule patients, produce patient receipts, management style reports, etc.

  • Documentation - record patient visits to produce SOAP notes, Exams, x-ray reports, etc.

  • Patient Check-In - allow patients to checkin and do their own subjective, capture signature to replace sign in sheets


Installation Options

ChiroWrite is installed in the following configurations:

Stand Alone - The system is installed on a single Tablet PC or desktop. Other computers in the office do not have access to the system or the data.

Networked Single Doctor - The system is installed in a network environment. All computers in the office can have the system installed and employees granted access to the system as necessary.

Networked Multi Doctor - Same as Networked Single Doctor except that there are multiple doctors in the same office with access to the system.

Multiple Locations - Multiple locations are supported for either a single doctor or multiple doctors over an existing WAN (wide area network). We believe that our software will revolutionize the way Chiropractors assimilate data today to generate the necessary documents and reports to satisfy requirements.  Contact us for more information today.